Panasonic - KX-TG2521

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Digital Cordless Answering System

The Panasonic KX-TG2521 is a really solid home phone. You get a 20 minute answer machine so even if someone calls when your not home, or can't get to the phone, they can leave you a message and you can get back to them when the time is right.

The KX-TG2521 also comes with a 50 name and number phonebook. This means you can save your closest contacts and then there numbers are easily accessible for when you need them.

Panasonic have also given the KX-TG2521 Clear Sound technology, coupled with a speakerphone, so you can talk even when your hands are tied! You could be cooking, cleaning, or writing something down without the worry that you may be mis-heard!

User-friendly Illuminated Display
The handset features 1.4-inch, easy-toreadLCD (16-digit x 3-line dot display)with backlight for easy operation. Thanks toamber-colour backlight, you can confirm thephone number of the caller when there's anincoming call even at night.
Hands-Free Speakerphone on Handset
The hands-free speakerphone lets you talk on the phone even whenyou're busy cooking, cleaning, using your PC, or doing just aboutanything. It's also handy for taking notes, typing, etc.
One Touch Eco Mode
Just press the dedicated ECO button. Signaloutput and power consumption are greatlyreduced. In the Eco mode, the ECO indicatoris clearly displayed on the LCD to show theEco mode is activated.
Clear Sound
The newly developed error correction system features 80 times higherprecision than conventional systems, ensuring clear conversation withfewer glitches or interruptions. Even when you're out in the backyardor the garage, far away from the base unit, you'll still be able to enjoya smooth, error-free conversation.
Caller ID with 50-Name &Number Caller ID Memory*
Thanks to Caller ID*2 capability, you'll be able to see the phonenumber of an incoming call on the LCD. If the caller is registered in thephonebook, their name will be displayed.
* Requires subscription to Caller ID service offered by a telephone company
50-Name and Number Phonebook
You can store up to 50 names and numbers in the handset's built-inmemory for quick and easy access. 
Digital Answering System
This system automatically answers and takes a message from thecaller when nobody is at home. Total recording time of about 20minutes available*.
* Specification may vary by country version. 


Technical Details
Answerphone remote access Yes
Integrated answering machine Yes
Mounting type Wall
Recording time 20 min
Backlight color Amber
Built-in display Yes
Display LCD
Display number of colors Monochrome M
Display number of lines 3
Energy Management
Frequency Bands 1.9 GHz
Numbers of Phone Lines 1
Security Code Over 1.0 million codes
Power Source Base Unit AC adapter
Handset Rechargeable Batteries (AAA x 2)
Battery capacity indicator Yes
Battery recharge time 7 hours
Power consumption (typical) 0.5 W
Standby time 170 hours
Talk time 18 hours
Call log entries 50
Caller ID Compatible Yes
Calling line identification presentation (CLIP) Yes
Redialing Yes
Colour Variation
Colour Variation Titanium Black, Metalic Gray, White
Phone Features
Answering machine Yes
Answering machine recording time 20 min
Dialer location Handset
Paging function Yes
Speakerphone Yes
Base Unit (mm) Width 98.0
Height 54.0
Depth 121.0
Handset (mm) Width 48.0
Height 159.0
Depth 32.0
Weight Base unit (g) 110.0
Mobile part (g) 130.0

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