FingerSpot - Revo Cloud Duo

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Revo Cloud Duo

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Fingerspot - Revo Cloud Duo

 Revo Cloud Duo

10,000 Employees, Real 10,000 Fingerprint, 10,000 cards, 160,000 Data Scan, TCP / IP (Connected to the Cloud), Interval Scan, Self-Service Query, Bel scheduled, Battery Backup, Two Sensor fingerprint, Shift Automatic, Manage Employee Contracts, Counting Employees on leave, 47 Presence Reports, Payroll.

Queue Length Resolved with Fingerprint Sensor Dobel

Revo Fingerspot Cloud Duo is a double attendance machine with a fingerprint sensor. The line scan time of arrival (check in) or while return (check out) is not uncommon, especially in a company with many employees. Not to mention if applied alternately working hours (shift). When changing shifts, line scan becomes more difficult to avoid. With the double sensor, queuing time becomes faster. Thus, long lines when the scan can also be minimized.

Supports Cloud Service

This machine also supports Internet-based service attendance that allows transfer of data in realtime from various remote locations. Monitoring employee attendance can be done anytime and anywhere.

Employee Attendance Data Management Professionals

The collected data in the cloud will be processed further by Fingerspot Personnel attendance software. Personnel Fingerspot not only can handle the work hours and attendance report, but also handles better employee management. Handling various kinds of leave, such as personal leave, leave normative, leave together and the rest of the day off. Monitor employee misconduct, the data permissions and data contract employees. There are also a feature of the payroll to calculate the value of money off of normative employee.

Revo Fingerspot Cloud Duo

is the attendance machine with dual fingerprint sensor to minimize line scan combined with cloud services With the cloud service, employee monitoring becomes easier because it can be done anytime and anywhere. Revo Cloud Duo is equipped with a backup battery that can still be used even if the power goes out. In addition, the scan data can be further processed into a variety of reports using the application Fingerspot Personnel.


Fingerprint Sensor Type Dual Sensor without Gel
Face Sensor Type No
Display 2,4” TFT Color Screen
Software Fingerspot Personnel
Dimensions 180 x 130 x 33 mm
CAPACITY Fingerprint Real 10,000
Face No
Card 10,000
User Up to 10,000
Transaction / Record 160,000
ENROLLMENT & VERIFICATION Methods Fingerprint, Card, Password
Verification Time < 1 sec
CARD TECHNOLOGY RFID: 64-bit, 125kHz Yes
MIFARE: MF1S50/S70, 13.56MHz No
COMMUNICATIONS Type TCP/IP (Connect to cloud only)
Self Service Query Yes
Self Service Reader No
Cloud Function Yes (Optional)
Camera No
Schedule Bell Yes
Short Messaging No
Work Code No
LANGUAGE English Yes
Indonesian Yes
Backup Battery Yes
Wall Mounted Yes
Temperature (°C) 0 - 45
Humidity (%) 20 - 80

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