Bosch - GLM 100 C Professional

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GLM 100 C Professional
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BOSCH - GLM 100 C Professional
Direct digital transfer of measured values

R 60 Professional measuring rail
Insert, lock, done – in only two moves you can transform the unique R 60 Professional measuring rail
and the GLM 100 C Professional into a combination of laser measure and digital inclinometer. You can
use it, for example, to quickly and reliably measure the incline of stair-rails or drainpipes.

Digital spirit level
Precise alignment by hand: Use the digital spirit level function to precisely align the instrument. This will
ensure that every measurement is perfect from the start.

Display rotation
Thanks to the display rotation, the contents of the display turn depending on the position of the
instrument to ensure that the values can be read in any position.

Display lighting

A bright idea: The built-in intelligent light sensor ensures that the display automatically lights up
depending on the brightness of the surroundings.

Li-Ion battery
This is power you can count on: The battery with innovative lithium-ion technology has an extremely
long runtime – up to 25,000 measurements with only one charge. And you can then easily recharge
it using a standard micro USB cable.

Main functions

Distance measurement

Never strays off track: Measure distances of up to 100 m with millimetre precision.

Area measurement
Measure with a double click: Calculate any area with only two measurements.

Volume measurement
As fast as can be: Calculate volumes with only three measurements.

Addition and subtraction
Does the maths for you: Add and subtract measured distances, areas and volumes in fractions
of a second, also from the memory.

Continuous measurement
Find precisely the right distance and transfer, for example, distances or heights from plans or drawings.

Min/max measurement
If absolute precision is required such as when fitting built-in shelving or shower cubicles, this function
enables you to easily calculate the shortest or longest distance between two points.

Indirect height measurement
Calculate difficult-to-measure heights with ease by measuring them indirectly – with only one

Indirect distance measurement
Knows no limits: The GLM 100 C Professional simply measures as if obstacles were not there,
calculating every distance of up to 100 m with only one click.

Double indirect height measurement
If direct measurement is not possible, the laser measure calculates heights and partial heights
from only two measurements and the corresponding angle.

Wall area measurement
Measure multiple areas: Calculate the entire area of various walls which have the same ceiling
height, with the least number of measurements.

Time-controlled measurement
The self-timer for measuring: The timer function enables exceptionally precise measurements
over long distances even in the most difficult positions and from a tripod. Can be combined with
other functions.

Incline measurement
You can always refer to this: Use the back or the side of the instrument as the reference point
to easily calculate inclines.


Distance measurement
Measuring range (maximum) 1.05 – 100 m
Measuring range (typical) 0.05 – 80 m
Measuring accuracy (typical) +/- 1.5 mm
Smallest display unit 0.1 mm
Indirect distance measurement and bubble vial
Measuring range -60° – +60° d.)
Incline measurement
Measuring range 0°–360° (4x90°) d.)
Measuring accuracy (typical) 0.2° e.) g.)
Smallest display unit 0.1°
Operating temperature -10 °C to +50 °C f.)
Storage temperature -20 °C to +50 °C
Laser class 2
Laser type 635 nm, < 1 mW
Automatic shutdown after approx.
- Laser 20 s
- Measuring instrument (without measurement)
20 s
5 mins
Weight according to EPTA Procedure 01/2003 0.14 kg
Dimensions 51 x 111 x 30 mm
Degree of protection IP54 (dust and splash protected)
Power supply
Battery Li-Ion
Rated voltage 3.7 V
Capacity 1.25 Ah
Number of battery cells 1
Individual measurements per battery charge, approx. 25,000 h.)
Charge time approx. 3 h
Data transfer
Bluetooth® Android devices with Bluetooth® 2.1 and Bluetooth® 3.0
iOS devices with Bluetooth® Smart technology
Micro USB cable USB 2.0
System requirement for using the app
Bluetooth®: Android devices with Bluetooth® 2.1 and Bluetooth® 3.0 iOS devices with Bluetooth® Smart technology
Supported Android devices: Smartphone with Android 2.3.x or higher, Tablet with Android 3.x.x or higher
Supported iOS devices: iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad (3rd gen.), iPad (4th gen.), iPad mini
a. For measurements from the rear measuring tool edge. The working range increases depending on how well the laser
    light is reflected from the surface of the target (scattered, not reflective) and the brighter the laser point is to the
    ambient light intensity (interior spaces, twilight). From distances greater than 80 m we recommend the use of a retro-
    reflective target plate (accessories). For distances less than 20 m a retro-reflective target plate should not be used,
    as it can lead to measurement errors.
b. For measurements from the rear measuring tool edge, 100% reflectivity of the target (e.g. a white-painted wall), weak
    backlighting and 25 °C operating temperature. In addition, a deviation influence of ±0.05 mm/m must be taken into
c. For measurements from the rear measuring tool edge, 10 – 100% reflectivity of the target, strong backlighting and –
   10 °C to +50 °C operating temperature. In addition, a deviation influence of ±0.29 mm/m must be taken into account.
d. For measurements with the rear side of the unit as reference, the max. measuring range is ±60°
e. After calibration at 0° and 90° with an additional grade error of max. ±0.01° /degree to 45°.
f. In the continuous measurement function, the maximum operating temperature is +40 °C.
g. at 25 °C operating temperature
h. For a new and charged battery without display illumination, Bluetooth® and tone signal.
i. For Bluetooth® low energy devices, establishing a connection may not be possible depending on model and operating
   system. Bluetooth® devices must support the SPP profile.

Please observe the article number on the type plate of your charger. The trade names of the individual chargers may vary.
Please observe the article number on the type plate of your measuring tool. The trade names of the individual measuring tools may vary.
Your measuring tool can be clearly identified with the serial number on the type plate.

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